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We take great pride in our "Fast response" to ensures you get quick support when you need it. We are confident that our Tax Expertise will "Save you Tax" and keep you "Compliant" with ever changing HMRC Rules.


Objective of the call is to understand your business, its requirements and discuss how we can add value.

Rao Khan
Professional Accountant and Tax Advisor

CERTAX Accounting

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"I've been investing in real estate for years, and having Rao as my advisor has been crucial to my success. His deep knowledge of tax and real estate accounting has saved me significant money while ensuring compliance. Rao is an indispensable partner for any real estate investor."
- David Thompson (Real Estate Investor)

"I was struggling to manage my Income and taxes until I found Rao. His expertise and personalized approach helped me navigate the complexities of self-employment and optimize my financial situation. "

- Sarah Johnson (Freelancer)

"Working with Rao has been a game-changer for my business. His attention to detail and strategic financial advice have helped me streamline my operations and maximize profits. I highly recommend Rao for any business looking for top-notch accounting services."

- John Smith (SME Director)

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TAX SAVINGS? a business owner, it is critical that you are not missing out any Tax savings, so we always ensure that we do your Strategic planning, accurate financial reporting, and proactive tax management.

Best practices from 15+ years of helping Businesses Grow, Save Tax and Stay HMRC Compliant...

  • In last 15 years, we have helped numerous companies both SME's and Listed companies to save £000s on Taxes and business efficiencies to become Profitable.
  • We have worked with companies to evaluate their overall tax position and provide guidance on structuring transactions and operations to optimize their tax outcomes
  • Worked closely with Directors to assist them in transforming their business from Cash Burning Machines to Sustainable Profitable Business

Rao Khan - Professional Accountant and Tax Advisor

CERTAX Accounting (Benfleet & Southend)

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